Thrawn #2

The first issue was strong enough, and intriguing enough for me to pick up #2.  I also like that if I’m hooked the series is only supposed to run for 6 issues.  The same creative team returns for this issue, keeping stylistic continuity.

The Cover

Thrawn appears in the foreground, very much the imperial officer, all clean lines and looking very authoritative.  In the background is the Blood Crow, his first assignment as an officer, with a star gleaming in the background.  This cover is very clean-looking, and seemingly shows the strength of the Empire.

Screenshot 2018-03-20 22.18.04

The Art

The art looks great again in this issue.  Luke Ross does a great job providing a different feel between the Imperial Cruiser and the derelict freighter they come upon.  The freighter feels dirtier, more broken down, and the pirates hiding aboard appear in stark contrast to the Imperials.  The menacing calm that Thrawn is known for embodying is still there, and combined with the dialogue, Thrawn appears as a truly intimidating character.

Screenshot 2018-03-20 22.18.59

The Story

This issue picks up where the last ended off, as we find Thrawn and Vanto settling into their roles on board the cruiser known as the Blood Crow.  They soon come across a derelict freighter with a full load of tibanna gas, and stop to investigate.  Thrawn leads the boarding party, and they soon find a sole survivor.  We soon discover this ‘survivor’ is a pirate, and the Imperials are quickly captured, but not killed, as Thrawn is able to bargain for the lives of all of his men, as well as identify the particular pirate band as one that Grand Moff Tarkin has particular enmity for.  In seizing the freighter back from the pirates, Thrawn allows most to escape, capturing enough to get the information he is really after:  the location of the pirate leader.  Not only does he save the crew of the freighter, he manages to secure information that will ingratiate him to one of the most important figures in the Empire.  Thrawn comes across very much as a calculating tactical genius in this series, which again, pays homage to the characters origins in the now Legends Timothy Zahn trilogy.

The series continues to be strong, and while the second issue isn’t as action packed as the first, Thrawn has never really been an action driven character, and the first two issues are very faithful to what we already know about the characters personality.  If you can find these issues, do yourself a favour and pick them up!

My review of issue #1 can be found here.

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