Film Review: The Incredibles

A friend of mine recently discovered that I had never watched The Incredibles.  After chastising me for it, arrangements were made for me to watch the film.  After watching I do agree that I should have watched it long ago.  It was a really great film!  Thanks Dan! The story follows two 'Supers' Mr Incredible … Continue reading Film Review: The Incredibles

The Terrifics #3

My third offsite review over at Impulse Gamer is for the DC Comics series The Terrifics.  This series spins out of the Metal storyline that recently concluded and the team consists of some not as popular characters.  Mr. Terrific, Plastic Man, Metamorpho and Phantom Girl fill out the roster, and the team is kept together … Continue reading The Terrifics #3

Thrawn #3

Thrawn #3 marks the third issue in this six part limited series.  This issue has a different feel and focus than the past two issues, and I am interested in seeing how it contributes to the overall story being told. The Cover The cover, by Paul Renaud, is again on point.  It features Thrawn and … Continue reading Thrawn #3