Super Sons #14: The Parent Trap

The first issue I’ve picked up centering on the children of Superman and Batman.

The Cover


The cover shows a defeated Superboy, with Robin and his Mother standing in the foreground.  It gives the impression of a fierce battle between the two boys, with Robin as the potential antagonist.  The cover is pretty good, but to be honest, it was just the quote from Damian on the cover stating that he’d killed Superboy was dead that drew me in.

The Art

Carlo Barberi does the interior work on this issue.  The art is really quite good, and I like the look of all the characters throughout.  Robin looks both dangerous and dark(fitting as the son of Batman), and Superboy carries the optimism of his own father(Superman).  The book has a very clean look and the art does a great job of showing off the characters personalities.

The Story

Peter J. Tomasi wrote this issue, and the story centers around Damian Wayne’s mother, Talia al Ghul trying to kill Jon Kent’s mother, Lois Lane.  Of course the boys are seeking to stop this from happening, and the issue is them undertaking their plan to save Superboy’s mother.  Superboy stops the bullet, and Robin ensures that a second shot does not get taken.  The issue is then taking time between Superboy dealing with members of the League of Assassins, and Robin fighting his mother.  Both sections have different feels, with Robin and his mother taking a more serious tone, and Superboy’s sections being lighter.  Probably my favourite section is when Superboy and Lois Lane run into each other on the street, and have a fun interaction in which they pretend they don’t know each other.

After reading this book I was honestly a little disappointed, namely in that I hadn’t picked up any issues previously!  It was light-hearted, well drawn, and a lot of fun!

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