Thrawn #3

Thrawn #3 marks the third issue in this six part limited series.  This issue has a different feel and focus than the past two issues, and I am interested in seeing how it contributes to the overall story being told.

The Cover

The cover, by Paul Renaud, is again on point.  It features Thrawn and Pryce(from the animated Rebels series) with some Imperial themed lighting in the background.  Pryce being in the foreground gives us a good indication of whose story this issue will focus on, and the cover art is very reminiscent of her appearance and demeanor from the Rebels animated series.

Screenshot 2018-04-17 22.55.48

The Art

This issue has the distinction of being the brightest of the series so far.  Given its setting in the courts of Coruscant, this issue finally has an opportunity to show off the skills of colourist Nolan Woodard.  His work makes Luke Ross’s pencils pop, and shows off the range of styles found in the Imperial Court.  Again, this is a great looking Star Wars comic.

The Story

This issue centers around the future governor of Lothal, Arihinda Pryce.  Thrawn himself is but a supporting character in this book, and it will be interesting to see how much of a role Pryce will play as the series goes on, as devoting an entire issue to her makes me feel like it will be significant.  What is really great about this issue is that it shows us the inner workings of the politics within the Imperial Bureaucracy, as Pryce navigates herself from the position of a Senator’s aide to activist, to meeting with both Captain Thrawn and Grand Moff Tarkin.  Both Tarkin and Thrawn are well written, and in the shadow of Tarkin, Thrawn finally feels a little less menacing and dangerous.  Again, Jody Houser has been doing a great job writing this book, and I’m looking to see how the rest of the series comes together.

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