Hunt For Wolverine

This issue kicks off the "Hunt for Wolverine" event this summer.  Wolverine has recently resurfaced in the Marvel Universe carrying one of the Infinity Stones, and this book kicks off the X-men's search for their fallen comrade. The Cover The cover features the head of the adamantium statue that Wolverine became during the 'Death of … Continue reading Hunt For Wolverine

The Hellblazer #22

This weeks review over at Impulse Gamer. The Hellblazer #22 was an issue I had trouble with.  The story is really good, and very well written.  It's not a very new reader friendly issue, but it is fun none the less.  The issue I had with this book, and it is a similar issue I had … Continue reading The Hellblazer #22

Thrawn #4

The Thrawn series continues, and after an issue that focused more on Governor Pryce, we are back to having our favourite Grand Admiral front and center. The Cover The cover speaks directly to the power of the Empire.  Tarkin is front and center, with Thrawn behind him at his right hand.  The symbolism of that … Continue reading Thrawn #4

Book Review: The Drawing of the Three, The Dark Tower Book Two

This novel is the second book in Stephen King's Dark Tower series.  It begins a few short hours after the end of The Gunslinger. Roland wakes up on a beach, and is quickly attacked and wounded by some lobster like sea creatures.  His wounds begin to fester, and it seems like he isn't long for … Continue reading Book Review: The Drawing of the Three, The Dark Tower Book Two