DC Nation #0

DC has released a one shot issue to introduce their upcoming story lines and the re-vamping of the justice league this summer.  It contains three short stories for the great low price of $0.25.  Seriously, a quarter.  You can’t get much better value for a book than that, and with the overall quality, they could have charged the price of a regular issue and still have it be worthwhile.

The Cover

This book has a nice cover.  Images representing all three story lines in the book are front and center.  Joker stands in the forefront, flanked by images of the Justice League and Superman on either side.  Joker is pictured tearing an invitation to the wedding of Batman and Catwoman in half, the Justice League is engaged in battle, as is Superman.  For the most part, the cover gives us a good idea of what we’ll find within.


The Art

Each story has a different creative team, so on top of getting a look at three of this summer’s new story lines, this issue gives you a look at the different artists as well.  Clay Mann handles the Joker story, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez handles the Superman story, and Jorge Jimenez handles the Justice League story.  The art in each one is really good, with the Mann’s work being the most distinctive.  His Joker just looks unhinged.  The other two stories are well drawn as well, with the Justice League feeling the most epic.

The Story

The first of three stories focuses on the Joker.  He has broken into a home and is holding a father hostage until the mail comes.  Joker reveals he’s waiting for an invitation, and this well written section sees him playing with his prisoner’s mind and emotions.  It’s a very well written section, and this portrayal of the Joker is spot on.

The second story focuses on Superman at the Daily Planet.  He is recounting to Perry White and the rest of the office a story in which Superman broke up a black market for old Lexcorp tech.  We also learn that Lois Lane hasn’t been seen for a while, which should be setting the table for this summer’s Superman arcs.

The final story is a prelude to this summer’s ‘No Justice’ story.  We’re introduced to four Justice League teams, all of which are a mix of heroes and villains.  This summer’s threat appears to be celestial beings from beyond the Source Wall.  The scope of this threat seems immense, making it a perfect fit for the League.

All told this is a great issue, and for its cover price of $0.25, you’re not going to get more bang for your buck.  If you haven’t, go pick it up!

4 thoughts on “DC Nation #0

  1. Enjoyed this issue! DC Nation #0 was a great into 3 different storylines. While I’m not a big fan of Tom King’s Batman, the Joker story was quite good. I liked the Superman and Justice League stories more though, great art in those two as well, especially interesting to see the different Justice League teams in action. A great issue and at a great price 🙂

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