Free Comic Book Day 2018

Today was the first time in two years that I’d been able to get down to my local shops and check out the festivities.  It’s always nice to get down and see what’s going on, as well as to see the comic community out in full force.  My son was along acting in his duties as a sidekick, and to see what he could get his hands on.  He can’t read yet, but loves comics because he can make up a story to go along with the pictures.  My daughter can now read, but decided to attend a nature program instead, after leaving specific instructions of what we were to grab for her.

We went to Kapow in downtown Lethbridge first, as it was closer to where I had to drop off my daughter, and we managed to be the first ones in the door.  The lone downside to this is that not all the additional vendors had set up as of yet, seeing as they had a sidewalk sale, VR gaming, and face painting all lined up for the day.  The only thing we missed out on was the face painting, which my son won’t sit still for anyway.  Now onto the positive!  The best part about being there early was getting first crack at all the free books supplied by publishers!  My son was in heaven and was looking for anything that looked cartoony.  He grabbed an Invader Zim and a couple of Super-Hero Girls books(one for him and one for his sister).  I grabbed everything I thought looked cool.  Then it was off to hit the next shop in town.

We popped into Showcase comics and were warmly greeted by the staff(one of whom is a friend of mine from childhood).  The place was packed.  Literally.  There was almost no room to navigate the store!  While this made it hard to get to the books, I love seeing that many people in a comic and game store.

Both stores in town did a great job of the event, as always, and the friendly staff at both stores welcoming environments.  A big thank you to both!

As for our haul, it looked like this(multiples not included):


Each of us had our own favourites as well, with my son being most drawn to Invader Zim, my daughter ecstatic about her new Super-Hero Girls book, and I was most impressed with the Transformers offering.  This is one of my favourite events of the year, and the only one that gives away free reading material!

Until next year!

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