Thrawn #4

The Thrawn series continues, and after an issue that focused more on Governor Pryce, we are back to having our favourite Grand Admiral front and center.

The Cover

Screenshot 2018-05-15 22.51.39

The cover speaks directly to the power of the Empire.  Tarkin is front and center, with Thrawn behind him at his right hand.  The symbolism of that is not lost here.  Thrawn is clearly one of Tarkin’s most trusted subordinates.  They are backed by a squad of Stormtroopers in the background.  The colouring around them makes them feel that much more imposing as well.  I like this cover.

The Art

The art continues to be consistent, and is actually a little better than last issue.  There are a lot more greys and drab colours, which feel more fitting for the Empire.  An alien species called the Cyphari show up early in the book, as one side of a territorial dispute that Thrawn has to solve.  The alien species looks good, and fits well into the Star Wars universe, and adds a little dash of the exotic to the issue.

The Story

The issue begins with Thrawn settling a territorial dispute, that in solving brings Thrawn a little closer to the pirate leader Nightswan, whom he started trying to track down back in Issue #2.  After his success on Cyphar, Thrawn is promoted to Commodore, and his aide Vanto is finally promoted to Lieutenant Commander.  They are then given another assignment, which Thrawn dispatches his fleet to while travelling with Vanto to observe another officer about to undertake a plan Thrawn feels is flawed.  The outcome of this will likely be in the next issue, and gives us something to look forward to as the series builds to it’s conclusion.


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