Board Gamin’

We had some friends over tonight to play a couple of tabletop games.  Given the time constraints(we have to deal with kids that don’t know what sleeping in is).  We played two games.

smashThe first was Smash Up by AEG.  This is a game in which you take two decks, such as dinosaurs and pirates, and smash them together in an attempt to score the most points at bases.  We played using the Cthulhu expansion, and being a bit of a Lovecraft fan I ensured that Chtulhu would be in my deck.  Had it been all first time players I may have had a chance, but my combination of Chtulhu and Leprechauns fared poorly.  All told it was a fun game, and I was glad to get involved in another AEG game.  It’s a great gaming company and I haven’t played anything by them since they sold Legend of the Five Rings(They have an awesome graphic novel called ‘Death at Koten’ if you can find it).

AvalonThe second game we played was called Avalon.  This game is similar to games like Mafia and Werewolf.  In this version, you’re either aligned with Arthur or Mordred.  One player serves as Merlin, who gets to know who the servants of Mordred are, but can only communicate that in riddles.  If the servants of Mordred learn who Merlin is, they win.  This is a fun game, and all of us had a great time with it.

All told we had a great night of gaming, and if you’re looking for a fun game or two to play, check these out!

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