Moon Knight #195

This has been a character that has always intrigued me.  I loved his card from the Marvel collector cards when I was a kid, and had always wanted to pick up a comic but for some reason never did.  The a couple Fridays ago my local comic shop had a sale on where you could roll a d20 and get that percentage off.  I selected this issue in large part due to the cover, and rolled an 18!  Lucky me!

The Cover

Screenshot 2018-06-08 23.43.02

While pretty simplistic colour-wise, this cover is eye-catching.  Featuring Moon Knight front and center, with several red hands grabbing at him.  It evokes the supernatural, and is really well done.  Becky Cloonan rocks it!



The Art

Paul Davidson and Matt Lopes do the interior work on this issue, with Davidson handling the pencils and Lopes the colours.  I’m conflicted about the art in this book.  In some places I absolutely loved it, and in others it drove me nuts.  The early pages focusing on The Collective bothered me and it’s hard to put into words why.  If it was Davidson’s intent to evoke that feeling then by all means, well done!  The following section, based in Marc Spector’s mind, looked fantastic.  I loved it.  The imagery of the multiple personalities sitting together in a surreal looking head space and fishing was great.  I also enjoyed the confrontation between Moon Knight and The Collective towards the end.

The Story

The issue begins with the aforementioned Collective, a group of well, weird artists looking to fuse their personalities into one mind.  Needless to say this doesn’t end well.  We next move onto the scene mentioned above, with Marc Spector fishing in his subconscious with the other personalities that inhabit his body.  This was probably my favourite part of the book due to the fun interaction between the four personalities.  Finally the issue moves onto Moon Knight arriving at a museum and running into what The Collective has become.  Needless to say it isn’t pretty.  The battle between them sets up the next issue nicely, and this is a decent point to step into the series as it is the first book in a new arc.  Max Bemis wrote a fun issue in this one.

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