Thrawn #5

Only one issue left after this.

The series begins to build to its close, and for the first time in the run, takes place immediately in the aftermath of the previous issue.  We also get to see Governor Pryce make her return to the series.

The Cover

The cover, done by Paul Renaud, features Thrawn as a looming presence at the top of the page.  Below him is an Imperial fleet engaged in battle, and Vanto and Thrawn’s nemesis Nightswan staring each other down in the foreground.  The cover looks good, and shows Thrawn in an ascendant position, potentially foreshadowing his rise to Grand Admiral.


The Art

Luke Ross continues to impress with this issue.  With a large focus on conversation, particularly between Vanto and Nightswan, we get to see his skill at portraying a wide variety of emotions in the characters faces.  The holographic communication used in the films is also well drawn here.  Ross just does a really good job of creating a great Star Wars atmosphere.  There is no questioning at any time that this book is set in the Star Wars universe.


The Story

The story begins where issue #4 ends.  Thrawn is watching the initial battle of Botonn, witnessing Admiral Durril’s assault.  In doing so he is also teaching Vanto to see all sides of the situation, and both spot the flaws in Durril’s strategy and ultimately witness his failure.  In the aftermath of the battle they witness a ship escape, and soon entice it into meeting them.  It is at this point where Vanto gets to meet Nightswan face to face.  They have a very interesting conversation, and Vanto and Thrawn steal one of his ships to return to the fleet.

Thrawn is then tasked to take over Durril’s siege of Batonn, and the issue ends with him arranging a meeting with Nightswan to set the stage for the final book.

This limited series has been a lot of fun, and is well worth the read.  If you’re not picking it up from issue to issue, make sure you get the trade!

Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3

Issue #4

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