Batwoman #16: The Fall of the House of Kane

I was able to look at Batwoman #16 over at Impulse Gamer, and the one thing that struck me the most was how similar the Bat-Family books I’ve read are.  I’m not including any of the Metal one-shots, but in terms of how they’re coloured I found this book to be similar to Batman #23.  Both have a kind of stark colouring, though Batwoman had flashes of bright red to differentiate itself.  I actually like this.  Knowing from just a quick look at the art what kind of book you’re reading is actually a big selling point to me.

BW_Cv16_previewThis issue settles around Batwoman trying to prevent Batman from locking her sister up in Arkham.  Batwoman wants her to be able to get the care and treatment she needs, things that Arkham isn’t known for.  While there’s nothing groundbreaking in this issue, it is a good read, and does move the plot of Batwoman’s fall from grace forward.

If you’re looking for another Bat-Book this month and want something not wedding related, this is the one.

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