Multple Man #1

The first issue in a five part limited series focusing on Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man.  Last time Madrox was seen was his death in the terrigen mists.  It seems however that due to his unique power to create duplicates of himself, he has managed to escape death for the time being.

The Cover

I liked this cover.  It plays on Madrox’s ability to create duplicates, as well as the characters sense of humour.  It’s relatively plain, with black figures with Madrox’s symbol on their chest, with a goofy looking Madrox in line with them.  It’s different from a lot of what is out there right now, simple, and with the bright orange background, it stands out on the shelf.  It caught my attention and held it.  Kudos to Marcos Martin on this one.

Screenshot 2018-06-27 23.17.46

The Art

This book is drawn by Andy MacDonald, and he does a solid job creating a distinct voice in the X-Universe for this book.  It looks and feels like an X-men book, but has a few differences that make it stand apart.  First off is the appearance of Beast.  He is clearly the furry blue guy we all know and love, but looks slightly different from other X-books I’ve seen him in previously.  Some may find issue with that, but I like it.  It helps the book stand out.  I also like how even without reading the book you can tell that Madrox is an insufferable jackass.  He looks smarmy and obnoxious, and other characters react to him in that manner.  This art really enhances the characterization of each character, allowing the writing to tell the story.

The Story

This book is written by Matt Rosenberg, and he pens a pretty fun book.  Multiple Man is a character that I never really followed over the years, as he was either on X-Factor or another team I didn’t regularly buy, or he was dead/missing.  But after seeing that unique cover, I had to check it out.

The story begins with Majik and Strong Guy breaking into a hidden vault.  Upon entering, they find a disgusting mess, as well as the supposedly dead Jamie Madrox.  They quickly teleport him back to the X-Mansion for medical care with Beast, whereupon they discover he’s just a duplicate, and he’s dying.

In a desperate attempt to save himself, he steals a time travel device from Bishop, and flees into the future in search of a cure for his condition.  The whole time he acts in a smarmy, but not overly obnoxious manner.  He’s a funny kind of obnoxious, not annoying, and I know that’s a fine line to tread.  The issue ends with him returning from the future with a warning of a threat on the horizon, one that will hopefully be explored as the limited series carries on.

7 thoughts on “Multple Man #1

  1. Never being a huge fan of Multiple Man myself, I wasn’t rushing to check this title out…but then today I saw my local comic shop had sold out of this! So, naturally, I was intrigued. Thank you for the review so now I have an idea of what I’ve missed out on!

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