The Amazing Spider-Man #800

This 80 page spectacular is the finale to the Go Down Swinging storyline.  Norman Osborn has bonded with the Carnage symbiote and become the villain known as the Red Goblin.  In this issue we witness his final confrontation with Spider-Man.  At 80 pages it is a longer read, but the pacing is great, so you'll … Continue reading The Amazing Spider-Man #800

The Flash – Speed Buggy #1

So, in the aftermath of DC having some very successful mash-ups with Warner Brothers, they have released a new series of mash-ups with Hanna Barbera characters.  Over at Impulse Gamer I was able to get a chance to read the Flash/Speed Buggy mash up. I was actually surprised how good this issue was.  The story was pretty … Continue reading The Flash – Speed Buggy #1