Transformers: Unicron #2

The finale to the current Transformers continuity continues!  Starscream has reappeared and is making a bid for power as Cybertron is engulfed in turmoil in the aftermath of the loss of another colony. The Cover The cover features Starscream front and center, flanked by prominent Cybertronian leaders.  He stands defiant, arms crossed with a smug … Continue reading Transformers: Unicron #2

Injustice vs The Masters of the Universe #1

This is the first issue in a five issue series mingling the Masters of the Universe with DC's Injustice Universe.  I reviewed this issue in greater detail over at Impulse Gamer.  Tim Seeley and Freddie E Williams created an intriguing and fun mash up of the two properties. The story begins with He-Man losing some … Continue reading Injustice vs The Masters of the Universe #1

Thrawn #6

The conclusion to Jody Houser and Luke Ross's adaptation of Timothy Zahn's Thrawn novel. The Cover The cover features Thrawn front and center in his trademark white uniform.  His fleet is off to the side.  In the background looming over him are Vader and The Emperor.  The cover is smooth and crisp, like an officer's … Continue reading Thrawn #6