Catwoman #1

Another Impulse Gamer review.  I had the good fortune to look at Catwoman #1.  The issue picks up in the aftermath of Batman #50.  Some spoilers ahead.

CATW_Cv1_previewThe issue is really quite good.  It shows Catwoman picking up the pieces in the aftermath of the Batman Wedding event(spoiler:  it doesn’t happen).  It introduces a creepy looking and socially connected new villain, and sets up a potentially fun new story line.

The art is excellent, and is at it’s absolute best introducing the new villain, Rainia Creel.  Joelle Jones(who writes and draws this issue) does an excellent job and the character radiates control and menace.

All told this was a solid issue, but to me is weakened a bit by the early spoiling of the wedding by DC Comics and the New York Times.  That said, the creative team did a great job on this issue and have the potential to really create a strong book.


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