Thrawn #6

The conclusion to Jody Houser and Luke Ross’s adaptation of Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn novel.

The Cover

The cover features Thrawn front and center in his trademark white uniform.  His fleet is off to the side.  In the background looming over him are Vader and The Emperor.  The cover is smooth and crisp, like an officer’s uniform.  Vader and The Emperor in the background represent the looming darkness of the Empire.  Paul Renaud ends this series with a solid cover.

Screenshot 2018-07-12 22.36.59

The Art

Luke Ross draws another solid issue.  The book is consistent with the rest of the series, but has a bit of a darker feel to it.  It feels a little grittier as well, especially on the planet side meeting between Thrawn and Nightswan.  It really is a well drawn and realized book, and in particular Ross does a great job on the close up panels of characters faces.

The Story

Jody Houser does a great job finishing off the series.  As a complete piece Thrawn has been an excellent adaptation of Zahn’s novel(which I’m in the process of reading as of the date I write this).  The issue begins with Thrawn and Nightswan meeting on a backwater world.  Both are feeling each other out, striving to get an advantage over each other.  Upon hitting a wall in their negotiation, each returns to their fleets.  The secondary arc with Governor Pryce shows the characters true ruthlessness come through, and showcases her capabilities as an imperial politician.  The final battle is a good one, and while the imperial navy gets its chance to shine, it’s Thrawn’s genius that steals the show.

This whole series has been incredibly well done, and if you haven’t been reading it issue to issue, make sure to get the trade.

Issue #1  Issue #2  Issue #3  Issue #4  Issue #5

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