Fun in Southern Alberta: Calaway Park

My in-laws took us and our kids to Calaway Park last weekend.  This amusement park is located on the western edge of Calgary, just off the #1 Highway.  They’d had the kids for the previous week and wanted to do something fun for their send off back to Mom and Dad.  So, we met them at the park and set off for an afternoon of fun.

IMG_20180714_143817I hadn’t been here for decades, and the kids were experiencing it for the first time.  To say they were excited was an understatement.  The thought of going on rides together, with mom and dad, and with grandma and grandpa had them giddy.

The first ride we went on was slow-moving cars.  The moved around a track at a slow speed, the steering wheels were mostly for show, and the kids loved it.  My wife remembers this one from her childhood and recalled having a blast on it with her cousins.  I just enjoyed going around the loop with my daughter.

Next my daughter and wife went on the swings, but my son was too small.  So he went with me and his grandma on a ride that consisted of planes that went up in the air and in circles.  As a tall guy this was really cramped, but my little guy loved being on the ride with his grandma and dad.

My son and daughter then went on another ride with mom and grandpa that again went in a circle and up in the air.  After that my daughter and I went on the Free Fall.  We laughed and screamed the whole time.  It was an absolute blast!  After a couple more rides we tracked down some ice cream and had a little break.

IMG_20180714_160755After the ice cream the kids went off to a small roller coaster, and I went to the big one.  I discovered something really important with this one:  if you want to skip the line, ride alone.  Because they were looking for single riders when I got to the back of the line, I was able to jump right to the front.  The roller coaster was as fun as I remembered it being when I was a kid.  I even took a glance at the photo that gets taken as you go into the upside down section and I looked like a maniac!

I was able to get off in time to check out the kids on the kids roller coaster, and they were in heaven!  By this time it was starting to feel really hot, so we made our way over to the log ride.  We waited in line, and figured out how to split our group up evenly.  My son decided to go with his grandma and grandpa, and my daughter went with her mother and I.  We all had an absolute blast on this ride, and I love that you have the opportunity to see a picture of your log as you come down the final drop.  The images of each group were priceless(we didn’t buy them).  For my son’s group, my mother in law was barely visible, as she was hiding behind my father in law, and partially hidden by his hat as well, which he was in the process of losing.  His hands weren’t free as he had his hands around his grandson, who had a look of utter terror on his face!  As for our group, my wife looked perfectly normal, smiling and having fun.  My daughter was terrified, and I looked like a deranged maniac!

The aftermath of the log ride!

This was the end of our day.  We all had a lot of fun, and I’m incredibly thankful that my in-laws decided to take us all out for the day.  I’m looking forward to going again when the kids are a little bigger so they can get on more rides!

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