Transformers: Unicron #2

The finale to the current Transformers continuity continues!  Starscream has reappeared and is making a bid for power as Cybertron is engulfed in turmoil in the aftermath of the loss of another colony.

The Cover

The cover features Starscream front and center, flanked by prominent Cybertronian leaders.  He stands defiant, arms crossed with a smug look on his face.  This very much picks up Starscream right where the last issue ended – making a bid for power fully assured of himself.  In the background is Unicron, looming over everything, primordial and dangerous.


The Art

As the Decepticons are more prominent this issue, Alex Milne’s artwork is allowed to really shine.  The Autobots and traditional Decepticons all looked great last issue, but seeing Bludgeon in all his dangerous glory here was a treat.  The look of Unicron and his servants are also wonderful.  Milne infuses them with a great amount of detail that makes it clear they are both Transformers, and something a bit more.

The Story

The bulk of this issue surrounds Starscream making a bid for power.  It seems he has amassed a large Decepticon fleet to destroy Unicron once and for all, and has Bludgeon leading it.  Needless to say they aren’t successful, and as with most plans depending on Decepticons, betrayal rears its ugly head.  We are treated to the bickerings of the Cybertronian council, and I truly enjoyed how Starscream sidestepped or defeated their attacks on him, in the arrogant manner that is unique to him.  Finally Bumblebee has an encounter with Omega Supreme that changes everything they know about Unicron.  John Barber is putting together a solid series here, and though this issue has some slower points, as a whole it moves quickly and you can tell that anything that isn’t moving at break neck speed is building towards it.

This issue also contains a small G.I. Joe story at the back of the book, which adds a little levity to an otherwise dark issue.

If you haven’t been reading this series it is worth it, go check it out.

Issue #1

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