Multiple Man #2

This is a catch up from last week, as with work and being tired at night, I just didn’t get to it.  So, without further adieu, my look at Multiple Man #2!

The Cover

The cover for this issue is excellent.  It’s reminiscent of old soviet propaganda posters in design.  It features a horde of featureless dupes, each with their arms extended and a thumb down.  Except for one.  That one is giving a thumbs up and has a worried look on his face.  The colour scheme is very simple, yet eye-catching primarily in shades of green.  All told this series has amazing covers.

Screenshot 2018-08-02 00.14.27

The Art

Andy MacDonald draws a solid X-book.  The detail in the characters, particularly the Warlock-ish Dupe is very good.  The dystopian future Jamie finds himself in is actually pretty clean-looking, with a slightly fascist tint.  The art is consistent and sets a good tone for the issue, a mix between light-hearted buffoonery and totalitarian government.

The Story

The story picks up right were the last issue ends.  Several dupes have come back from the future to bring Jamie to help them fight an evil dupe from their time that has taken over the world.  They travel into the future and meet the resistance.  Jamie is written very much as the reluctant hero, and it begins to be apparent that his very actions are making this timeline worse.  Though the evil dupe whom I assume is the antagonist doesn’t make an appearance, it is clear he is both dangerous and evil.  Matt Rosenberg has written another fun issue!


Issue #1


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