Transformers Unicron #3

The end of the world continues!

Hope is fading on Cybertron.  The Decepticon fleet, led by Bludgeon, has joined Unicron’s Maximals, and the assault on Cybertron begins.

The Cover

We see Unicron in robot form, blasting Cybertron with green lasers from his eyes.  In the foreground we see the biggest and strongest Transformers moving in to attack.  Both Metroplex and Trypticon, as well as a few combiners are all included.  The colouring on this cover is exquisite.  Individual lights on Metroplex are very well rendered, the rockets propelling each of the bots are glowing beautifully, and Unicron is utterly terrifying.  The cover showcases just how high the stakes are.


The Art

The art in this book is consistent with the first two books of the series.  The bots continue to look really good in this series.  Very well detailed, and the destruction that is drawn evokes a feeling of fear and hopelessness.

The Story

Unicron and his Maximal army have arrived at Cybertron.  Worse yet, the Decepticon fleet led by Bludgeon has joined the enemy.  Desperation is in the air.  Victorion leaps into battle, but is soon confronted by monstrous combiner known as Monstructor.  Shockwave makes an appearance and we learn Unicron’s origin, and how Shockwave had laid the plans to defeat him eons ago.  The only problem is that the price may be too high.

This issue continues to impress.  If you’re looking for a well drawn and exciting title, this limited series is well worth picking up.

Issue #1

Issue #2

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