Multiple Man #3

Well, if you didn’t think this series was weird before, wait until you get through this issue!  Keep in mind, I don’t say it’s weird in a bad way, the weirdness is great!  This time travel story is FUN!

The Cover

This issue’s cover takes a brief step away from the theme of propaganda posters that the first two issues resembles.  It features the evil dictator duplicate front and center, with the team of duplicates that first appeared in issue one behind him.  The cover is broken up into small squares and some of the squares are interspersed among the greater image.  It conveys the threat of the dictator dupe, and highlights the motley crew that opposes him.

Screenshot 2018-08-15 21.56.53

The Art

Andy MacDonald’s art continues to shine in this series.  It doesn’t have as light-hearted a tone as previous issues, but the level of detail has increased, and it meshes well with the story.  The shots of the various dupes of Jamie Madrox show a variety of facial expressions, and showcase the differences between them.  The confrontation at the beginning of the book and the battle between the rebels and the tyrant Jamie’s troops is incredibly well drawn.  As well, the look on our protagonist’s face on the last page is excellent and captures the moment perfectly.

The Story

This issue begins with our heroes pinned down in a bunker, surrounded by the forces of the tyrant duplicate.  Matt Rosenberg takes the edge off of the hopeless situation our heroes find themselves in with a liberal dose of humour.  Jamie Madrox is, at his core, a dumbass, which is apparent at several points in this issue.  This is a time travel story unlike any other I’ve ever read, and it makes for a fun story.  The end of this issue is completely unexpected, and I’m really curious to see what happens next.  Still, I did not see that ending coming.

Issue #1

Issue #2

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