Extermination #1

The first issue in this years big X-Men event!  This series promises to change everything, and after the first issue, I think it might.  At least for a few years, this is after all the X-Universe.  That said, this was a really solid read.  Focusing on the time-displaced original X-men, the issue has some time stream related implications for all of mutant-kind.

The Cover

The cover features the five time displaced original X-men: Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast, Angel, and Cyclops.  On one half of the page they appear as they did when they arrived, on the other, as they appear now.  The cover looks good, and it foreshadows the threat of them remaining in the future as well, as though it could be something that would doom all mutants…  Mark Brooks did a hell of a job here.

Screenshot 2018-08-17 23.39.34

The Art

This is a really good-looking book.  Pepe Larraz has drawn an excellent book, and Marte Gracia’s colours are gorgeous.  The first page of the book sets an amazing tone.  It’s a futuristic wasteland, and it sets a dark tone for the whole book.  The whole book is amazing, from the look of the characters, to the beauty that is Cyclops’ optic beams.  The art alone in this book could stand on its own.

The Story

The issue begins in a futuristic wasteland – the ruins of the current Xavier school in Central Park.  A cloaked figure picks their way through the wreckage before making a comment about fixing things and disappearing.  Next we see the X-men Blue team, consisting of the time displaced originals and Bloodstorm(vampire Storm from another reality) saving a couple young mutants from a mob.  They are every bit the heroes.  We next see Cyclops and Bloodstorm out on a date.  Young Cyclops actually has quite a bit of personality, I’ve loved him in Champions, and he’s great here.  This Cyclops is relatable in ways the old Cyclops never was.  If he’s gone after this event I’m going to miss him.

The date doesn’t last long.  Ahab and his Hounds appear out of nowhere and a fight breaks out, ending in the first death of the series:  Bloodstorm.  Cyclops is heartbroken. His friend, date and teammate is dead.  He contacts Jean and she quickly summons the team together.  Beast, Angel and Cyclops have no trouble arriving, but Iceman is attacked by a mysterious assailant.  Cable appears out of nowhere to defend him while the rest of the team is trying to figure out what is going on.

The story is very well paced, and Ed Brisson deserves a lot of kudos for putting together a quality read with some unforseen twists.  Yes, there is more than one.  Really, the X-Universe has some great time-travel related books going on right now.  This series has a ton of promise, and Multiple Man is fun and irreverent.

This is one of the best single issues I’ve seen in the X-Universe in a very long time.  I’m looking forward to seeing this event conclude, and the images of upcoming covers that are found within the book definitely leave me wanting more.  Not to mention the twist at the end… I was speechless.  I figured it out with a couple of pages to go, but still.  Wow.

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