A look at Saga: Volume One

A couple of weeks back a friend of mine and I got to talking about comics.  I mentioned that I’d been reviewing them on my blog and over at Impulse Gamer, and mentioned a few of the books I’ve come across that I’ve liked the most.  He then handed me his copy of SAGA Volume One and insisted that I read it.  He described it as a wonderful story.  He built it up tremendously.  The book, written by Brian K Vaughan and drawn by Fiona Staples, lived up to the hype.

IMG_20180818_213834Volume One follows Marko and Alana, each a member of a race at war with the other.  It begins with them in an auto-body shop, and Alana is giving birth.  The issue is narrated by their daughter and follows them trying to get off the planet they are on and to safety.  The characters are well-developed as the story progresses, and the art is fantastic.  There is some minor nudity, and a fair bit of violence, so not for kids, but overall this was a fun read.

I liked that the main characters aren’t looking to be involved in the galaxy wide conflict, but are merely wanting to escape and raise their daughter.  There is a lot of little family moments that I enjoyed – the diaper changes, parental exhaustion, how good a shower can feel – all of that is in the book and shows a family trying to just live a normal and peaceful life.

I’ll have to track down Volume 2!

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