Book Review: The Lost Chronicles Trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

This series is the last set of books released under Wizards of the Coast by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, it’s also their final visit to date with the Dragonlance world that they had breathed life into decades ago.

The books are set during the War of the Lance, and tell the parts of the story that were not delved into in detail during the original Chronicles Trilogy.  With this series Weis and Hickman flesh out more of the War of the Lance, and give some additional attention to some of my favourite characters.

Book 1: Dragons of the Dwarven Depths

IMG_20180825_230954This book takes place between Dragons of Autumn Twilight and Dragons of Winter Night.  It details the Companions securing a safe haven in Thorbardin with the dwarves, as well as the recovery of the Hammer of Kharas.  I liked this book because it allowed Flint to come to the forefront.  He was the grandfatherly character in the original Chronicles trilogy that seemed to just support everyone, and it was nice to see him shine on his own.



Book 2: Dragons of the Highlord Skies

IMG_20180825_231005This novel takes place during Dragons of Winter Night, and has three focuses: Kitiara’s recruitment of Lord Soth, Laurana defeating Feal-Thas, and how Derek Crownguard and his nights came to meet up with Laurana and Sturm.  I particularly enjoyed this book. Getting to see Kitiara in more detail was particularly nice, as this book provides a more complete look at the character.  Seeing her motivations, as well as just how resourceful she is was nice.  I also enjoyed the Icewall adventure in greater detail.  This was, in my opinion, the strongest book in the trilogy.


Book 3: Dragons of the Hourglass Mage

IMG_20180825_230941This book takes place during Dragons of Spring Dawning, and focuses almost entirely on Raistlin Majere after he has abandoned his companions to the Maelstrom.  It details his journey from the red robes to the black, and takes him from when he vanished from the Maelstrom to when he reappears at the end of Spring Dawning.





Altogether I enjoyed this series simply because of the holes that it fills in.  It is a great companion piece to the original Chronicles trilogy, as well as being able to stand on its own.  I would love to see Weis and Hickman return to Dragonlance, but that’s a publisher thing, and Wizards of the Coast hasn’t really spent a lot of time on the Dragonlance setting since these books were last released(getting close to a decade).  It’s too bad, but the Weis and Hickman Dragonlance books honestly fed a burgeoning reading addiction when I was a kid, and I still enjoy their books two decades later.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Lost Chronicles Trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

  1. Well…It’s hardly a suprise probably to learn that I love the Dragonlance saga (just look at my blogging name lol😂), but I too would have loved to see them return one day to this world. I don’t think it will ever happen though 😢

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  2. Oh my god….I love the Dragonlance series, especially the main core installments. While the Lost Chronicles fill in the gaps of the story to the original trilogy, I still love the original Chronicles trilogy. Still, it was great catch up with all my favorite characters once again. I sincerely hope that Weiss and Hickman return one day to the Dragonlance world.

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