Eclipse #10

Another book I reviewed over at Impulse Gamer.

Eclipse_10-1I chose this book largely due to how impressed I’ve been with writer Zack Kaplan’s work on one of his other series:  Port of Earth.  My hope was the writing would stay at the level I’ve come to expect, and that it would be accompanied by some good art as well.

It delivered.  A great read set in a world in which a solar event has made the sun dangerous to all humans – think exploding into flames like vampires in the movies.  The book contains some very simple human themes like survival, love, and betrayal, and lays them out against a post apocalyptic wasteland.  The art is great, and the colours in this book really enhance the atmosphere.  Any daytime outdoor scenes are slightly bleached out by the overwhelming light of the sun, and all other scenes are muted and dark.  It’s a well written, drawn and coloured book and easy to get into even if you’re not following the series regularly.  If you’re looking for a great book to get hooked on, go give this one a read.


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