Transformers Unicron #4

The end of Cybertron is nigh!

The Cover

The cover appears to be set on Earth, the last of Cybertron’s colonies.  The background is red, perhaps foretelling impending doom, and humans and transformers stare at the sky in fear.  What stands out the most in this issue is the threatening green eyes in the sky staring down in hatred at those below.


The Art

Alex Milne again handles all the art in this book, and this issue is consistent with previous issues.  Two colourists handle the duties in bring this book to life visually: Sebastian Cheng and David Garcia Cruz.  It is actually pretty easy to see where each takes over, as they have different styles.  Cruz’s colour choices appear to be a little more muted, whereas Cheng seems to use a brighter palette.  Still, the two styles do blend well, and if it weren’t pointed out on the inside cover I wouldn’t have paid too much attention to it.

The Story

The story takes us back to Earth, where Skywarp(currently a member of G.I. Joe) and the rest of the Joes prepare for the threat of Unicron.  We also see a ribbon of magic moving across the planet saving many of the inhabitants.  We get to witness the heroism of Blurr as he rushes about and tosses as many as he can into the ribbon of magic, saving their lives even though he isn’t quite fast enough to save himself.  Finally we see the Autobots flee Cybertron – just as Unicron tears it asunder.

We also see Shockwave arrive on Earth and begin his plans to re-start Cybertronian civilization on our world, unaware that his plan to destroy Unicron has failed.

I suspect the next issue will begin the endgame.  Unicron is fast approaching Earth, and Shockwave poses a threat to all of humanity as well.  It’s going to be a fascinating final two issues!

Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3

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