Guncats #2

The second issue of this new series, and another I reviewed over at Impulse Gamer this past week.  I don’t see a lot of books like this in my local shops, largely because I know they can’t bring in everything, so being able to look at books like this as a reviewer is nice.  Hopefully some additional interest can be drummed up in books like this so they can really take off.

Guncats2Guncats #2 is a fun book.  It has good art, fun covers, and a straight forward and entertaining story.  There is some strong language, but it fits in with the book and the target audience.

This issue begins with our heroes embarking on the mission they accepted at the end of Guncats #1, and landing on a strange planet to capture an exotic animal.  The fight some other bounty hunters, and emerge victorious as a result of said animal(the cute alien dog from both covers).  This series is just good clean fun.  The creative team isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, they’re just creating an enjoyable book.

This issue, and the whole series is worth picking up.  Check it out!

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