Multiple Man #4

The fourth issue of the five-part Multiple Man series is out now!  This series just seems to get more and more weird and confusing, but in a good way.  It continues to be a lot of fun, and this issue explains some of what happened in issue #1.  Where will it end up?  We’ll have to wait another month for that.

Screenshot 2018-09-20 23.03.55The Cover

The cover features Jamie Madrox in the middle of a ruined city.  Snow falls from the sky and has blanketed the ground.  Multiple Man uniforms have been shredded and are caught on the wreckage, blowing in the wind.  The shredded uniforms stand out in stark contrast to the snow-covered ground, and Multiple Man appears lost in the background.  Great work by Marcos Martin.


The Art

Andy MacDonald continues to draw a solid book.  Combined with Tamra Bonvillain’s colour work this book looks sharp.  The art is consistent throughout, and the colouring seems to change as the book jumps between timelines.  The art supports the story very well, and MacDonald seems to draw the more absurd aspects of the story very well.

The Story

Matt Rosenberg continues a story that is best described as ‘trippy’.  I love that even after the fourth issue, I have no idea how this might end.

The story begins where book three ended.  Emperor Madrox stands over the decapitated body of his duplicate whom we’d been following for the previous 3 issues.  He seems to have a bit of a breakdown, and steals the deceased Madrox’s time travel device and disappears.  His second in command arrives to find him vanished.  We then return to the lab scene from the first issue where we discover that Emperor Madrox was the dupe that our previous Madrox protagonist merged with.  We then are shown how all the various dupes that were copies of other heroes gained their various powers.  It was really neat seeing them in the various timelines and either earning their powers, or gaining them through bad luck or sheer stupidity.

The issue ends on a cliffhanger, showing the immediate aftermath of the Multiple Men heading into the future.  We see Emperor Madrox’s second in command and his army return to the past to engage the X-men.

Issue #5 is going to be something else!

Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3


4 thoughts on “Multiple Man #4

  1. This issue of Multiple Man was certainly a trippy experience, very cleverly written though, and I like how the crazy multiple plot strands somehow seem to all come together. Next issue is going to have a lot to live up to, great art in this issue as well.

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