Eclipse #2

The second issue in Zack Kaplan and Giovanni Timpano’s post apocalyptic series moves the story forward by introducing a new antagonist and showing how vulnerable humanity is now.

Eclipse_02-1The Cover

The cover features a team of security officers and NYPD moving through an abandoned above ground train station in solar suits, guns out and at the ready.  The station is partially flooded, and reflecting in the water is a cloaked figure brandishing a knife.  It gives the impression that the ante is being upped in this issue and that this team is in a lot of danger.

The Art

Giovanni Timpano’s art continues to create a great atmosphere for this post apocalyptic story.  In this issue it really struck me how well he draws people.  No gravity defying chests, just normal appearing people.  It stood out to me on page 3, the character of Rose was just really well drawn and the emotion that someone had just tried to kill her was painted all over her body, in expression and posture.  Really well done.  Chris Northrup’s colours are also worth mentioning.  The underground is dark, and everything is touched by that.  Colours are muted as they would be in a darkened room.  Above ground in the heat of the sun, everything looks and feels bleached out.  Finally, in the underground living areas, artificial lights provide a sickly sort of colour, like in an operating room.  The contrasts between the settings are clearly set apart and look great.Eclipse02_3

The Story

Kaplan begins the story with Baxter rescuing the Mayor on the day of the flare, showing why he was selected for the job of protecting the Mayor’s daughter.  We then go back to where last issue ended, with Baxter and Rose in the underground, discussing what had just happened.  Baxter gets her home safe, and the mayor charges him with finding and killing this assailant, whom it turns out is immune to the burning effects of the sun.

This killer is quite resourceful, and kills two of the team before they manage to drive him into an abandoned church, wounding him in the process.  The issue ends with the grizzly scene of the churches interior.

This issue lays out the story very well.  It’s paced well, gives just enough background that one won’t get lost with the plot, and the characters are very well humanized.  We can see clear motivations for why they do what they do, and Rose’s near breakdown at the beginning was well done, Baxter’s response even better.

I’ve read three issues of this series now(Issue #1 and Issue #10), and knowing where it goes down the road makes me more curious as to how it gets there.  I’ll just keep reading and advise that this series is worth looking into!

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