Extermination #3

The third issue in the mini-series slated to change the X-Men leading up to the relaunch of the Uncanny series.  X-Men are dying, Young Cable has captured Iceman and Angel, and Ahab and his hounds are trying to capture the time displaced X-men.

Screenshot 2018-09-27 23.14.40The Cover

The cover of this issue is great.  It features the time-displaced Jean Grey with Cable’s old X-Force team in the background.  Mark Brooks makes the team look fierce and dangerous.  They are all expanding out from a central point in the middle of the cover.  It is sharply coloured and catches the eye.

The Art

Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia continue their strong work on this issue.  The art and all the characters look great, and the colours throughout dramatically enhance the issue and give the story life.  Part of why this series is such a good read is because it is an absolute pleasure to look at, even if it is a pretty dark issue tonally.

The Story

Ed Brisson ups the ante with this issue, as another noted X-man seems to meet their end, more of Ahab’s workings are revealed, and Young Cable continues to track and capture the time displaced X-men.

The issue picks up right where Issue #2 left off.  Old Man Logan is now a hound and is turning on Beast, trying to capture the time displaced Hank McCoy.  We learn that the two young mutants rescued in Issue #1 were planted by Ahab, and working together had the ability to turn others into hounds.  Ahab then reveals that Old Man Logan wasn’t the only mutant he’d converted.  In separate scenes, we see both Nightcrawler and Shatterstar had been compromised.  The result is the near-death of Cyclops, and Cannonball blasting Shatterstar out of a plane to protect young Jean Grey.

The battle at the mansion appears devastating, with Beast appearing to be a casualty after Young Cable had captured young Hank McCoy.  The issue ends on another cliff-hanger, with X-Force finding Cable’s lair.

This is the midpoint of the issue, and it’s going to be neat to see how this ends!

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