Eclipse #3

The third issue in Zack Kaplan’s Sci-Fi post apocalyptic tale.  The issue picks up in the aftermath of the last and moves the story forward while also giving us a peek at Baxter’s past.

Eclipse_03-1The Cover

The cover of this issue features Rose and Baxter running across a barren plain with the sun’s light casting shadows from them.  They aren’t burning, but look scared.  The patch of light they are in is sketched inside of the cloak of the mysterious assailant from Issue #2.  This nefarious figure looks unhinged and dangerous.

The Art

Giovanni Timpano handling the art and Chris Northrup on the colours produce another solid work of art with this issue.  The washed out colours of the surface world continue to contrast with the duller colours and shadows of the underground city.  The look of humans who were caught in the sun also adds to the sense of danger that permeates this world.  The art sets a wonderful stage for the story.

The Story

Eclipse03_3Zack Kaplan begins this story 10 years in the past, the night after the solar flare.  We get to see the trauma Baxter experienced after finding his family, clutching to each other as the sun had burned them.  We then are returned to the church that the mysterious assailant from issue #2 had fled to.  We see a clean-up team managing the burned human remains, while Baxter and some others investigate the church.  They discover that the children of the leaders of Solarity are the next targets of this man.

Baxter then begins to search for more information, and Rose soon joins him.  Later in the issue we discover that this mysterious stranger is immune to the effects of the sun, as an effect of a strange virus.

The issue ends with Rose and a bodyguard being cornered by the mysterious assailant, hiding behind a door as the sun streams into the room.

Issue #1

Issue #2

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