Witchblade #8

One of my latest reviews over at Impulse Gamer.  My favourite part of signing on to do reviews at Impulse Gamer has been getting a chance to read books I wouldn’t normally look at, or that aren’t regularly available at my local shop.  Witchblade #8 falls into this category.

Witchblade-08_cvr-674x1024Artistically this is a strong book.  The art looks good, and really works well.  I like the look of the Witchblade in this new incarnation.  It looks more based in magic, perhaps in darker magic.  As well, the art in the last few pages amps up the tension dramatically.  What I didn’t care for was the story.  It is a slower issue, and more focused on plot than action, but it just didn’t grab me.  Though it ended with a bang I wasn’t invested in the issue by the time I got there.  The series has a ton of potential, but this is definitely not a good starting on point if you’re looking at getting into this series.


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