Shatterstar #1

So on the recommendation of my local shop, I took a look at Shatterstar #1.  To be honest, this is a character I’ve never really been interested in.  An alien with swords from X-Force.  He always seemed to lack characterization and depth to me.  So I cracked it open.  It was nothing like what I expected, and had me won over in two pages.

The Cover

Screenshot 2018-10-04 23.11.50Yasmin Putri does the cover, and I enjoy how uncluttered and minimalist it is.  It features Shatterstar front and center, with a white background.  He’s carrying his trademark swords, and has a determined look on his face.  It tells you nothing about what you’re going to find within save the main character.  I also really love how it’s coloured.  It’s a beautiful portrait of the character.

The Art

The art in this book is broken into two teams: the primary story, and flashback.  I actually like that they broke it up this way, just because it gives a visual cue as to when the story is in the present, or the past.  Carlos Villa and Juan Vlasco handle the present, and Gerardo Sandoval and Carlos Lopez handle the flashbacks.  The flashbacks are done in a darker grittier style, with lots of red yellow and orange in the background, whereas the present day sequences are a lighter style with cleaner looking characters and what feels like softer colours.

The Story

The story, written by Tim Seeley is quite lively and a lot of fun!  The story begins with a flashback scene of Shatterstar fighting in the arena in the Mojoverse, only to quickly move to present day.  Shatterstar, now going by the name Ben Gaveedra is cleaning the sidewalk in front of the apartment building he owns.  The building is home to a bunch of outer-dimensional refugees, and we are introduced to them all in a series of humourous scenes.  The funniest being the first, the Pug-Smasher, from Earth 8311.  This was the funniest scene in the book, and sold me immediately.  The book continues at a solid pace as we see Ben moving through his day, until disaster strikes, and his tenants are kidnapped by his old Mojo-verse partner.  The issue shows the figure behind it all to set the stage for issue #2, but I won’t give that away here.

All told this issue was a lot of fun, and worth picking up.  I have to hand it to Marvel, they’ve been putting out some great X-book related miniseries, and this one is no exception.  Check it out!


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