Made it to Japan!

img_20181005_2344219174151075908654769.jpgWe have embarked upon yet another family vacation!  This time my wife and I took our kids, 5 and 7, to the land of the Rising Sun.  Other than lack of sleep, the flights were relatively uneventful.  We made it in one piece, and because they didn’t like them, I got to eat two main courses of each of the meals served.  This is why Dad’s get fat.  We were lucky enough to have a direct flight, meaning no layovers in foreign airports, so fewer chances for 5 to get lost.  Upon arrival we collected our luggage and grabbed some rail tickets to get to our apartment.

At this time we placed my 5-year-old into a carrier and put him on my back.  He’d been awake for close to twenty-three hours and was like an angry drunk.  That kid is just not fun when tired.  We got on the train a 7 decided she didn’t feel well, also because she didn’t sleep.  My wife convinced her to curl up for a few minutes(the train ride from Narita to Shinjuku station was close to an hour), and she felt better when we arrived.  Go figure, right?  There’s a reason mom and dad told you to sleep on the plane, and it’s not because we love the sound of our amazing voices.  Note:  Both of us sound like drowning cats when we sing.

Great friends meet you at train stations when you want to sell your kids!

Upon arrival at Shinkuku station we met up with some friends of ours that are living here who escorted us safely the rest of the way to our little airbnb.  Thanks Caryn and Dan!  My wife and our friends then went and hit up a grocery store while I managed the little drunks into bed.  When they returned they had food!  Katsu, fried chicken and rice!  It was glorious!

img_20181006_0405157290353674699848683.jpgBut the tale doesn’t end there, as we had put the kids to sleep in the good bed, and needed to move them.  Within two hours they were awake and fighting, so my wife joined my daughter in the shitty bed, and I kept the boy(5) with me.  For anyone that may think this is unfair, you’ve never shared a bed with the boy.  He kicked, he wiggled, he told me he didn’t like me constantly whilst refusing to sleep.  Sharing a space with him sucks.  My daughter(7) just passes out and doesn’t move till morning.

Anyway, most of us are awake and looking to attack the day.  We’ll need rail passes and to do a little light sightseeing to finish off day one!

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