Temples, Kaiju and Giant Robots

We’ve made it through two full days in Tokyo now.  I honestly have to say that I love this city.  We’ve been able to spend a fair amount of time with some friends that live here, and they’ve helped us acclimatize to Japan.

On day 1 we went and checked out a Buddhist Temple and a Pagoda.  The temple was fascinating.  You could buy fortunes, and if it was a bad one, tie it to a bar in the temple so the monks could pray it away.  There was also a lot of smoke, and people burning fortunes so they could waft the smoke over themselves.  The Pagoda was just plain neat.  I’ve always wanted to see one and can now check that off my list.

We then did a lot of wandering around, and checking out shops.  It’s neat how some stores here share space and blend together.  A Godzilla shop blends into a stuffed rabbit store blends into an umbrella shop.  It’s neat.

Day 2 began early.  Like 4:00 in the morning early.  The kids were up and awake.  After a quick trip to the store to get a few groceries and a coffee for my wife, we decided to head out to the seaside.  After a few delays caused by us missing a stop we needed to transfer at, we made it to the shore.  There is a beautiful seaside park here, with a replica of the Statue of Liberty, relaxing walkways, and of course, a giant robot statue.  Have I mentioned I love this city?  We walked from there to another rail station and returned to our apartment for a nap.

After our much-needed nap, we went to the Shinjuku area to have dinner with friends and take in Tokyo nightlife.  We wandered the streets and at times it was hard to tell whose eyes were open wider: mine or my kids!  All of us loved the bright lights and the spectacle.  There is even a hotel that has a giant bust of Godzilla looking over it!

We had a great dinner, took my daughter to a Hello Kitty shop, and returned for bed.  Here’s hoping we don’t have as early of a wake up call tomorrow!

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