There Ain’t No Birthday Like a Tokyo Disney Spooky Boo Birthday!

img_20181009_2243124407625785040977099.jpgTwo days ago my son turned 5.  So, taking the opportunity to do something crazy for his birthday(other than taking him to Japan), we took the whole family to Tokyo Disney.

The morning began simply enough.  We got up with the sun, ate, and made our way quickly to the train station.  It was an hour and a half by train to get there, and half of it was through packed rush hour conditions.  We had to pick up the kids just to not lose them!  Another thing about the wall to wall bodies on the train is the complete silence.  No one enjoys a ride like that, but no one complains and no one is rude to each other.  It’s nice to see.

We eventually arrived at our second train and were thankful to run into another family also en route to Disney.  We weren’t lost!  As we rode this train the anticipation built.  The kids were excited, and so were us parents.  Finally we arrived and made our way to the ticket gate.  We entered with no issue and made our way inside.

The park was beautiful.  Everything was bright and clean, the staff were friendly and smiling, and things were clearly labeled, yes in English, making it easy to get around.  My son received a birthday sticker and was wished happy birthday and high-fived by almost all the staff in the park.  We decided to start hitting some rides right away, beginning with the Monsters Inc. ride.  The boy did not like this one at all.  Too many sudden turns and things bouncing up were too much for him.  My wife and daughter on the other hand, had a blast!

This droid flies like a maniac!

Next up, because it was next door, was the Star Tours ride.  This one is basically taking a tour on a freighter in the Star Wars Universe.  C3-PO and R2-D2 man the controls, and with 3-D glasses on, you’re taken for a thrill ride across several Star Wars worlds such as Jakku and Crait.  My wife and I enjoyed it, the kids not so much.  My daughter said it was too crazy, and my son was just overwhelmed.  Star Fighter pilots for the Resistance these two will not be.


img_20181009_1939592879479899193340592.jpgWe next took in the first of two ‘Spooky Boo’ parades.  They were both a lot of fun.  Lots of music and dancing, and playing up the Halloween theme.  The kids dug them a lot, with my son insisting we sit through the entire second one, even though we’d watched the first.  Hey, it was his birthday and his wish was granted!

We then took in as many other rides as we could.  From the carousel to Dumbo, to the Haunted Mansion and a train ride around the park.  We all enjoyed ourselves.

Finally, with the day drawing to a close, we checked out one last parade.  This one was all lights and music, taking place after the sun went down.  It was spectacular.  The lights were beautiful, and it was incredibly well choreographed.  Sadly, my little birthday boy was so exhausted he fell asleep in my lap just before it started.  We tried to wake him up, but he spent the show cuddled in with his mom and snoozing away.  He woke up tired and out of sorts as we were leaving as the end of day fireworks exploded behind us, but I don’t blame him.  Disney is almost too much fun for one little guy to do in one day.

I would go back in a heartbeat.  We told the kids we’d have to come back in about ten years so we could all go on all the rides, hopefully they know we’re serious.  This park was a blast!

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