Final Days in Japan

So I thought I’d do a final blog to recap the last couple days we spent in Japan.  On the Friday we hopped on the bullet train and returned to Tokyo.  We had to leave our bags at our friends place as we couldn’t check into our own place until 5.  So we hung out, went out for dinner, and just had a relaxing evening.  Then we got to our final home base for the last two days.  We had to manage the metro and bus system to get there.  Luckily my wife is a pro at managing foreign public transit.

Now, our new place.

It was small.  Really small.  It had a bathroom and four stackable single beds.  When they weren’t stacked they filled up the one room.  Oh well, we weren’t planning on doing much more than sleeping here anyway.

The next day the boy and I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  The neighbourhood we walked through on our way had several Gundam themed walls.  It was neat to see.  I love little things like this.

We had breakfast, hit up the playground, and then had a quick ramen lunch and a nap.  We then met up with our friends and made our way to Sunshine City.  A famous mall and tourist trap extraordinaire.  We wandered through several stores, a theme area named NamjaTown(formerly home to awesome ice cream, a discovery we made unhappily), watched a J-Pop showcase which was strongly policed by folks preventing photos from being taken, and had some awesome burgers for dinner.  We then retired to our friends place for drinks and some unwinding before returning to our tiny apartment for bed.

We met up a little earlier the next day, and headed back out to Odaiba.  We took a fun train ride that gave us a great view of the neighbourhood as we approached.  The kids were able to see right out the front window and stare in awe as the train moved down the track.  We popped into the nearest mall and had an adventure securing a table before getting some food at the food court restaurants.  Strangely enough we left our bags on the table and went to get our food.  Nothing was missing upon our return.  We left bags on a table in a crowded mall and no one touched them.  I love this country.

We did some shopping and checked out a trick art museum.  We had a blast here, but had to navigate around my little guys tantrums.  Two weeks of being away from home had worn him out, and he was having a rough time.  That said, the museum was a blast!  Lots of perspective based art and very interactive.  If you’re in Tokyo it’s well worth checking out!

We then returned to our friends place for a night of pizza and some final drinks.  We’re going to miss these guys!(Show them we care by buying Caryn’s book!)

The next day we got up, packed up, and made our way to the airport.  We dropped our bags off at Narita Airport, then headed to the nearby town to have a final meal and unwind before getting on the plane.  We had a great ramen and gyoza dinner and a wonderful walk through the town of Narita.

We made it back safe and sound, survived a day of jet lag, and are returning to life as usual.  I’m going to miss Japan.  It was clean, the people were very respectful, and that public transit system was second to none.  The kids will hopefully have some amazing memories for life, and we got to do some amazing things as a family while visiting some great friends.



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