Eclipse #4

The Eclipse series ends its first arc in issue #4.  Rose was left alone in a sunlit room with an albino that is immune to the effects of the sun at the end of Issue 3.

Eclipse_04-1The Cover

The cover features Rose crouched in the shade provided by Bax, whose protective helmet is missing.  We see a look of agony on his face as the sun is seemingly burning the back of his head.  The issue foreshadows the danger of the surface, and plays up how dire of a situation Rose is in as the book begins.

The Art

Giovanni Timpano delivers another book full of solid artwork.  The action sequences in the book look great, and the albino looks particularly menacing.  I really loved how the play of shadow across his face when he pulls back his hood and shows his face for the first time make him look truly menacing.  This is a villain that is both dangerous and unhinged.  As well, the art in this issue, and particularly the urgency shown on the faces of the characters, do a great job blending with the story to really ratchet up the tension.

The Story

This issue picks up right where #3 ends, with Rose hiding in the shadows behind a door that the albino has breached, sun pouring in and cutting off her escape.  Though Bax soon comes to the rescue, the albino soon chases Rose outside to a solar farm, with Bax following close behind, despite the damage to his suit.  The final confrontation really does a great job playing up the fear both Rose and Bax feel towards the sun, and the albino plays it up to maximum effect.  Zack Kaplan does a great job wrapping up the final issue in the first arc, and ties things up neatly while hinting where the next arc is going.


Between Timpano’s art and Kaplan’s writing this series has been a great sci-fi read.  Between his work on this series and Port of Earth, Kaplan shows he’s one of the best sci-fi writers in comics today, and the artists he works with bring his books to life with art that breathes life into his stories.  If you haven’t been reading this series do yourself a favour and check it out!



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