Multiple Man #5

The craziest time travel story in comics today concludes!  At the end of last issue we were left with an army of angry dupes that had returned to the present to destroy the X-Men.  To put it plainly Jamie Madrox had screwed up the timestream beyond belief.  This sets the stage for the final issue of one of the more interesting series I’ve seen in a while!

Screenshot 2018-11-06 22.57.58The Cover

The cover features Madrox on the upper portion of the page, sadly waving goodbye.  As you pan down his body you can see that he is made up of several duplicates that are slowly falling off of him into a pile of bodies at the bottom of the page.  It all stands out starkly on a white background, and foreshadows a bad end for Jamie.  Marcos Martin ends it with a pretty good cover.  The covers have been a real strong point in this series, and this one feels like a sad farewell to readers.  Still, I love it.

The Art

Andy MacDonald and Tamra Bonvillain draw and colour a really solid end to the series.  I love how they can make the various dupes look both the same and different.  You can see the evil, good, or stupid in the eyes of the various duplicates, and especially so when the two primes try to merge.  Yes, there are two of them.  The book is a fun read, and the art provides a good chunk of that.

Screenshot 2018-11-06 22.59.38

The Story

The army of dupes led by Emperor Madrox’s second in command have arrived in the past to destroy the X-Men.  Meanwhile the Emperor and the super-powered dupes slowly make their way to a confrontation with his former second.  The battle with the two is both funny and feels like there can be no good end for Madrox, and before the end of the issue, as the two of them try to absorb each other, the Emperor has the Hulk dupe end the situation.  This seemingly leaves the X-Universe without a Multiple Man, but Matthew Rosenberg leaves one final surprise in the closing pages of the book.

This story was a lot of fun, and was one of the more original X-books I’ve ever seen.  The time travel plot was something that felt like it could have gotten away from the writer, but the irreverence it was treated with actually made it work.  It was like the whole book was just making fun of comic book time travel.

If you haven’t checked out this series yet, you should.  It’s a lot of fun and one of the more original things I’ve seen come out of the X-Men Universe in a very, very long time.

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