Shatterstar #2

The dimension hopping warrior from X-Force searches for his tenants as his solo series continues!

Last issue Shatterstar, now known as Ben Gadeevra, had his tenants kidnapped by a partner from his past.  Now he teams with his former team-mate and lover Rictor to track them down.

Screenshot 2018-11-08 23.39.20The Cover

Done by Yasmine Putri, this cover features Shatterstar reaching over his shoulder and unsheathing a bloody sword.  I love the stark white background as it makes everything else stand out.  Shatterstar stands out, with his features being very prominent and eye-catching on the page.  I can tell you this:  at my local shop this book stood out on the shelves.  Minimalist yet eye-catching.  I like the cover.  Especially since it makes the main character look great!

The Art

This issue follows in the footsteps of book one and has two artists working on it.  Carlos Villa handles the present day pages, and Gerardo Sandoval handles the flashbacks.  I’m actually a big fan of using two artists in this manner.  It helps make sure that the story doesn’t get convoluted, as the style of art dictates where in the story you are.  It also gives a slightly different feel for the two periods of the book.  The past has a sort of wistful, almost pained feel, whereas the present is a straight up action film!

The Story

Tim Seeley continues the story of our gladiator turned landlord protagonist.  This issue picks up right where the last took off, as Shatterstar is beginning the hunt for her missing tenants.  He seeks out the help of his former lover, Rictor, to help him locate the kidnappers.  The two have some testy conversation, and you can tell there are still raw feelings between these two.  Despite how they split, you can tell that feelings are still there.  The relationship between the two was handled really well.  It just feels natural.

The flashbacks give a great insight into Shatterstar and why he is the way he is.  In particular the collapse of his relationship with Gringrave tells us why he pushed Rictor away.

There isn’t as much humour in this issue as the last one, but the human exploration of Shatterstar’s past is really well done.  A character I used to view as being very much a one-dimensional fighter is really blossoming in the pages of this book into a complete character.


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