Eclipse #5

The first issue in the second arc of Zack Kaplan’s Eclipse series.  At the end of the first arc in Issue #4, we saw the defeat of an insane albino who was immune to the deadly effects of the sun.  This issue begins shortly after that, with Cielo(Rose) trying to come to terms with why she was targeted, and Bax getting back to work with law enforcement.

eclipse-5_493273d69bThe Cover

The cover is an image of the ruined surface world.  Wrecked cars take up the sides of the road, and bodies are strewn about, burned and bloody.  One solitary figure is walking down the cleared center of the road in an ICE suit, pistol in hand.  It shows that even though the threat of the albino in the first arc has been defeated, the true antagonist of the series, the sun, is still there and unrelenting.

The Art

Giovanni Timpano continues to bring this world to life.  The characters look great, and the ability to convey body language really makes the characters feel more real.  As well, the details added throughout the book really give life to this post apocalyptic world.  Everything looks beat up and run down, and the surface world is almost completely desolate and destroyed.  The above ground cities feel dead and empty.  Drawing the setting so effectively allows the writing to focus on the characters and the story itself, rather than describing how dangerous the world is.

The Story

This issue begins with Rose, now going by Cielo, trying to get some closure on why she was targeted by the albino.  Having grown up incredibly sheltered, her innocent view of the world is now shattered, and she begins a journey to the bottom of what happened with both the sun, and the rise of her father’s company, Solarity.

Eclipse 5-3Bax has returned to law enforcement, and while he doesn’t like having to bust the poor for stealing energy, he at least is back on the horse(so to speak).  He is soon recruited for another surface mission, and with his old partner and girlfriend, returns to the over world.  Once above ground they discover a rival community, and to their shock, discover another individual unaffected by the sun!

This was a great issue to get the story moving again, setting up motivations and plot hooks to move things forward, and ending with the great discovery of another human immune to the deadly rays of the sun!  I’ll say it again, there are very few sci-fi comic writers that are penning stories as consistently good as Zack Kaplan.  Pick up the trade, contact your local shop to get back issues, but seriously, check this series out!


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