Uncanny X-Men #2: X-Men Disassembled Part II

The launch of the new Uncanny series continues with the second issue of Disassembled.  I grabbed this issue based off the cover, because I thought it was pretty novel.

Screenshot 2018-11-23 22.41.22The Cover

I get a kick out of the cover of this issue.  Leinil Francis Yu and Edgar Delgado put together a really fun cover.  It is almost an exact copy of the cover from the previous issue, but instead of the X-Men, its multiple versions of Jamie Madrox posed as each of them.  Covers were a strength of his solo limited series.  It also appears he’s going to be a central character in this arc as well.  Overall, this is a fun cover, and I love that they really just upped that quotient for this issue.

The Art

R.B. Silva handles the penciling duties on this issue, and it does look great.  The characters, backgrounds, and even the dinosaurs(yes, dinosaurs) look wonderful.  Rachelle Rosenberg takes Silva’s excellent art work and makes the colour pop.  Jean Grey looks fantastic.  If this kind of art can continue throughout the series it’s going to be one of the best looking runs of Uncanny.

The Story

Last issue Kitty Pryde and Senator Allen disappeared.  While the X-Men are trying to track them down, anomalies from throughout history are threatening lives all over the world. To top it all off, an army of Multiple Man dupes are appearing wherever people are disappearing.

Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg, and Kelly Thompson are crafting this story arc, and definitely starting this re-launch of Uncanny with a bang.  The X-Men split into two teams, one to confront an army of duplicates, and the other to fight dinosaurs.  Both sections of the book are a lot of fun, and the issue ends with the reappearance of one of the last characters I had expected.

This is a fun issue, and totally worth picking up!

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