Doom Patrol #12

I reviewed this one over at Impulse Gamer.  Why did I choose this book?  The cover.  It has one of the most unique covers I’ve seen in a long, long time.  It looks like an old school D&D adventure module, and I literally couldn’t resist reading this book after seeing the cover.

DPA_Cv12_ds-UNLETTEREDThe story and art of Doom Patrol #12 are pretty good, and it made for an easy read.  It focuses on Lucius Reynolds and his family as they seek to regain the power and throne in the Daemonscape.  It feels like a fantasy adventure and does a great job of rounding out the characters.  Each of them grows as the issue progresses, in a very organic and sensible manner.

This is literally one of those books that you can judge the book by the cover, and with how cool that cover is, that’s a tall order.


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