Eclipse #11 and 12

I’m catching up on some of the reviews I did over at Impulse Gamer.  For brevity’s sake I’m going to combine these two reviews.  These are the last two issues of the current story arc, and Zack Kaplan makes them a hell of a read.  Giovanni Timpano’s art brings life to this post apocalyptic world, and the colour work is fantastic.

Issue #11 sets up the final explosive battle that ends the arc.  Our protagonists gather with the albino and are on the move to a safe place where they will be allowed to create the cure that will allow all of humanity to live above the surface again.  Then, Solarity shows up.

Issue #12 ends the arc in an explosive fashion.  Characters die, and the survivors will be left changed forever as the series heads into its final arc sometime next year.

This series is a great Sci-Fi post-apocalyptic book.  While it is an ongoing series that has threads that carry from one issue to the next(no monster or villain of the month here), the books are very engaging and easy to get into.  Check them out!

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