Electric Warriors #1

ELWARR_01_300-001_HD_5bd76232e51ae7.21316906The first issue in a new DC mini-series.  I picked this one over at Impulse Gamer simply because it’s the start of a new series.  It’s set far in the future of the current DC Universe, but only mentions one hero: Superman.

This book is a good read, with solid art and a good cover.  The story has a lot of potential, and after reading it my primary question is what happened to all the past heroes?  It was interesting to see the new dynamics on Earth, and the introduction to galactic conflicts had a real ‘Hunger Games’ sort of feel.

Though I did like Electric Warriors #1, it was well written and well drawn, it didn’t grab me like some books do.  If you’re looking for something different, it is worth checking out.

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