My Favourite Comics of 2018!

This will be my first attempt at a 'Best of Year' blog.  It may be a little haphazard, and I'm going to name both series and individual books, because some are just better read as the series and some stand alone really well.  I'll also give a little rationale, and a link to where I … Continue reading My Favourite Comics of 2018!

The Hobbit Presented by Globe Theatre

Today we went to our first stage production as a full family.  Both my wife and I have taken the kids to youth oriented stage performances in the past, but this year decided on checking out the Globe Theatre's adaptation of Tolkien's 'The Hobbit.'  The kids were excited, as I'm currently reading the novel to … Continue reading The Hobbit Presented by Globe Theatre

Extermination #5

The conclusion to the Extermination event has finally arrived!  Ed Brisson, Pepe Larraz, and Marte Gracia have delivered a satisfying ending to a really good series. The Cover The cover by Mark Brooks features the original team less Cyclops walking into a white light.  Cyclop's visor lies on the ground, with a hand reaching towards … Continue reading Extermination #5

Eclipse #6

This issue marks the halfway point in the second arc of Zack Kaplan and Giovanni Timpano's series Eclipse.  It picks up in the aftermath of the last issue, with Rose seeking out the underground and Bax being sent to investigate another albino. The Cover The cover features a burnt out cityscape, with everything falling into … Continue reading Eclipse #6

Star Wars Episode 7: Watching The Force Awakens With My Kids

This weekend I continued introducing my kids to the Star Wars saga.  We've watched the entire original trilogy, along with episodes 1 and 2.  I've noticed that I enjoy what I had previously viewed as the weaker entries in the series more when I've watched it with them.  Their enthusiasm is infectious! The movie started … Continue reading Star Wars Episode 7: Watching The Force Awakens With My Kids

Shatterstar #3

The saga of everyone's favourite genetically modified alien gladiator-turned-landlord continues! The Cover The cover again features a stark white background, but this time there is significantly more action in the foreground.  Shatterstar appears fighting off some of Gringrave's goons while rescuing Pug-Smasher.  Yasmine Putri has drawn a great cover, and the detail in each of … Continue reading Shatterstar #3