Shatterstar #3

The saga of everyone’s favourite genetically modified alien gladiator-turned-landlord continues!

Screenshot 2018-12-08 22.12.38The Cover

The cover again features a stark white background, but this time there is significantly more action in the foreground.  Shatterstar appears fighting off some of Gringrave’s goons while rescuing Pug-Smasher.  Yasmine Putri has drawn a great cover, and the detail in each of the characters is fantastic.  The detail is great and Gringrave’s men look dangerous and menacing.

The Art

Carlos Villa and Gerardo Sandoval continue in the same vein as previous issues.  Villa handles the story proper, and Sandoval handles the flashback scenes.  I have seen instances of books with more than one artist where it just doesn’t work, but in this series the way the narrative threads and the art are done works incredibly well.  The flashbacks have a completely different look and feel from the main story, yet give the main narrative much more feeling and depth.

The Story

Tim Seeley’s story continues with Shatterstar searching Horus IV in an attempt to save his tenants before they are killed in the Grandmaster’s gladiatorial pits.  Tina Cooke, his tenant from a world devoid of super-heroes makes a run for it, and is soon brought before the Grandmaster himself.  While this is happening, Shatterstar has tracked Pug-Smasher, and while he is able to save him, he isn’t able to protect Tina from the machinations of the Grandmaster.

This issue is building towards a great conclusion, and while it could be a ridiculous book, Seeley writes Shatterstar as a complete and human character.  He’s not just driven by the need to be a perfect warrior, but by his genuine care for his tenants.  I’m really looking forward to the next issue and if you haven’t been checking out this book, you should!

Previous issues:

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