Star Wars Episode 7: Watching The Force Awakens With My Kids

Star wars episode 7This weekend I continued introducing my kids to the Star Wars saga.  We’ve watched the entire original trilogy, along with episodes 1 and 2.  I’ve noticed that I enjoy what I had previously viewed as the weaker entries in the series more when I’ve watched it with them.  Their enthusiasm is infectious!

The movie started out as a lot of fun, with the opening crawl.  My oldest is reading now, and she worked hard to read the opening crawl.  She got about three-quarters of the way through before asking me to take over.  She put in a great effort!

My son took a little longer to get into it, but not long.  He was sold once he saw Poe Dameron.  In part because he has a Hot Wheels die-cast Black One.  So, within a few minutes, both kids were hooked.

The next high point was just after Rey and Finn fled Jakku on board the Millenium Falcon.  The kids enjoyed the characters getting to know each other, but were quickly worried when the ship was boarded.  That lasted for about three seconds.  Once they saw Chewie and Han step onto the scene they cheered.  My son actually ran away in excitement for a moment.

The final big moment was the final lightsaber duel.  My daughter was worried… until Rey grabbed the saber.  Her favourite moment was when Rey turned to the force and beat Kylo Ren down.  She was literally vibrating with excitement.

I truly enjoyed watching this with my kids.  The excitement they have when watching any Star Wars film is a joy to watch, and reminds me of why I loved the films in the first place.  We’ve only got a few more films to watch at this point: Episode 3, Episode 8, Rogue One, and Solo.  At this point we’ll probably watch Solo next, and save Episode 3 for last.  They’re not quite ready for crispy fried Anakin.

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