Justice League Dark #6

The Shadow Pact: Part 2

This issue concludes the current story arc began in Issue #5.  Last issue The team(less Constantine and Swamp Thing who were facing off against Doctor Fate) entered the magical land of Myrra, only to discover that Detective Chimp had turned it into a literal hell.  This issue sees the resolution.

img_20181212_2304246731291846637264036.jpgThe Cover

Nicola Scott and Romulo Fajardo Jr. handle the cover of this issue.  The cover features Blue Devil standing over a prone Detective Chimp, axe held high over his head.  It looks as though he’s about to smite poor Bobo, and the tagline of “By Blue Devil’s Axe — Detective Chimp Must Die”, speaks of a potentially rough issue for everyone’s favourite primate.  The cover looks good, if not a little misleading of the relationship between Blue Devil and Detective Chimp.

The Art

Daniel Sampere handles the pencils on this book, with Adriano Lucas filling in the colours.  The book is really well rendered.  I like the attention to detail in all the characters, particularly Detective Chimp.  Who knew that a primates face could so capably.  The feelings of sadness and regret are easily read on him throughout the issue.  Honestly every character looks really good.

The Story

This issue begins in the magical land of Myrra, where Blue Devil has been protecting the people in the aftermath of the mistake made by Detective Chimp.  After a pep talk from Wonder Woman, and a lot of mead, Bobo figures out how to fix the mess he left in Myrra.  The primary story line was a fun read, and I enjoyed the interaction between the characters, especially Man-Bats enthusiasm.  The issue also briefly cuts to the two team members that did not make the journey to Myrra.  Constantine and Swamp Thing are facing down Doctor Fate with the aid of the Phantom Stranger in what appears to be the longer term story line for the book.

James Tynion IV has written a really fun book, and as this story arc is the first time I’ve picked up this series, I have been pleasantly surprised by the book.  It’s a great read, and well-balanced between action and character development.

If you haven’t checked out this series it is worth taking a look!

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